As you gaze over the lagoon to the distant Maya Mountains, prepare yourself for one of the most unique, relaxing, and savory dining experiences in Belize. Our farm-to-table cuisine takes traditional dishes and blends them with a uniquely Belizean touch. This fusion of style and taste is most evident in our tapas, such as the pupusas with fillings that change daily. Whether you are starting your morning with an inspiring view or catching a sunset after a day of adventure, you’ll find everything you desire at 16 Degrees.

The head chef, Devon Marage, has intimately studied the cuisines of Belize since his childhood. In many of the households in the country learning to cook is a rite of passage. Cooking became a passion that fueled young Devon through years of culinary exploration. Beginning his cooking journey on the limestone comals of the traditional Mayan home and the open-hearth fires of the Garifuna, Chef Devon has a deep understanding of the dishes he prepares and the history behind each ingredient. This combination of traditional styles paired with a classic culinary education is the source of the uniquely Belizean cuisine that is complemented here at 16 Degrees by unrivaled hospitality and a tropical atmosphere.

Devon was inspired to create a cuisine that features the full scope of the Belizean cultural experience. The chef put together this astonishing menu after months of working with a diverse culinary team from all parts of the country to develop ideas and test unique takes on classic dishes. You’ll find many interesting blends of flavors from the Mayan, Mexican, Garifuna, East Indian, Creole, Chinese, English, and Mennonite cultures of Belize. The spirit of the people is alive in this fusion of tastes, ingredients, styles and cooking methods that can only be found in this special place. 

Every ingredient comes directly from the sea or from local farms straight to your table, ensuring the highest level of fresh, authentic cuisine. The fish and cassava come from the Garifuna people here on the coast. The free-range poultry, yellow ginger, chaya and chocolate are bought at the local Mayan market. The herbs and spices come from the east Indian spice farms that were started here during the colonial era. Sourcing ingredients directly from producers allows us to get, as Devon put it, “as many fresh flavors in each dish as Belize has adventures.” 

The cuisine isn’t the only part of the menu with a uniquely Belizean spin. Our signature cocktails have been crafted to pair perfectly with our most popular dishes. Just like the food, the cocktails are made with local liquors and fresh fruits that come directly from the farm. 

Let us take you on a culinary journey unlike any you have ever experienced. Make your meal an adventure and enjoy the true flavors of this amazing cultural melting pot called Belize. This will be a meal that you will never forget. 

The resort was beautiful and relaxing, and the service couldn’t have been more accommodating. The food options both in the restaurant and at the pool were all delicious.
— Trip Advisor