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Breathtaking views over the Placencia Lagoon and Maya Mountains set the scene at our newly opened lagoon restaurant – 16 Degrees. You’ll leave the meal in a culinary reverie, hard pressed to forget the most unique dining experience in Placencia, if not Belize.

The Cuisine:

The dishes of 16 Degrees not only represent the tastes of Belize, but the diverse flavors of Central America. The seafood is harvested from the sea that is our backyard. The produce comes from family farms and our own organic garden. “Tapas” are the focus. Many different, bright dishes with layers of history in the food. From the wood burning stoves of Cayo, to the modest palapa on the beach, the flavors of 16 Degrees represent Belize’s most valuable resource: It’s people. The many blended cultures of Belize open a culinary gateway to the fresh, wild tastes of the Caribbean.

Modern Belizean cuisine will merge the past and the present. Traditional values and flavors are always at the forefront of our dishes. The use of local, indigenous staples such as corn, chaya, and cassava influence many plates. The biggest influence on the food is always, the small brick house on the corner, the food cart on a busy street, and the bed of a truck full of garden fresh produce. All located at 16 Degrees Latitude.

The Atmosphere:

Step into an experience unlike any other dining atmosphere in Belize. From the elegant nautical features in the décor to the local focus of the cuisine; the experience at 16 degrees will leave you dreaming to come back for more night after night. Each dish, drink and décor aspect is pieced together in perfect harmony to create one exquisite idea, Location. Indulge in the delicious and locally sourced fare and drinks crafted with local components all whilst gazing at the natural beauty of the Belizean sunset behind the Mayan Mountains. 16 Degrees is not just a stop on the map to eat, it is adventure for each patron that walks through the doors and sits at our table.

Welcome to 16 Degrees, a true diners paradise.

The resort was beautiful and relaxing, and the service couldn’t have been more accommodating. The food options both in the restaurant and at the pool were all delicious.
— Trip Advisor